Naples is a city rich in history and mystery, with an intricate network of tunnels and underground tunnels that extends beneath its beating heart. Underground Naples offers visitors the opportunity to explore this hidden world and discover the secrets buried under the surface of the city.

Through a journey into the depths of the city, you can immerse yourself in its millennial history and discover the layers of civilization that have followed each other over the centuries. From ancient Roman cisterns to medieval refuges, from natural caves to secret passages used during the Second World War, Underground Naples offers a unique and compelling experience that reveals the dark and fascinating side of the city.

History and mystery of the underground of Naples

The underground of Naples is steeped in history and mystery, witnessing centuries of vicissitudes and cultural stratifications. The origins of this underground network date back to Roman times, when the first tunnels were dug for water supply and material extraction. 

Over the following centuries, the dungeons were expanded and used for a variety of purposes, including shelters during barbarian invasions, dumps during the Middle Ages, and anti-aircraft shelters during World War II. This tumultuous story has helped to create an atmosphere full of mystery and charm around the underground of Naples, which continue to arouse the interest and admiration of visitors from all over the world.

Discover the most fascinating sites: catacombs, tunnels and cisterns

During a visit to Naples Underground, visitors will have the opportunity to explore some of the most fascinating and evocative sites of the city. Among these, the ancient catacombs stand out, where the first Christians buried their dead and practiced worship in periods of persecution. The catacombs offer an exciting immersion in the Christian history of Naples and are adorned with frescoes and decorations that testify to the devotion and spirituality of times past.

In addition to the catacombs, visitors can explore an intricate network of tunnels and underground cisterns that extend under the historic center of Naples. These tunnels, dug into the volcanic tuff, were used for different purposes over the centuries, from storing food to collecting rainwater. Today, these ancient structures offer an interesting perspective on everyday life in ancient Naples and are an unmissable attraction for those who want to explore the hidden secrets of the city.

Curiosities and legends: the history of Munaciello

Among the many legends surrounding Naples Underground, one of the most fascinating is that of Munaciello. This mysterious figure is a legendary creature of the Neapolitan folk tradition, described as a little man with a red hood. It is said that the Munaciello wanders through the underground of Naples, protecting hidden treasures and playing pranks to lost visitors.

According to legend, the Munaciello can be an ally or an enemy, depending on his mood. Some say it can lead travelers out of the underground labyrinths, while others say they have been deceived and lost forever in the dark corridors.

This fascinating legend adds a touch of mystery and magic to the experience of exploring Naples Underground, making the journey even more exciting and unforgettable for visitors who venture into the depths of the city.