The main attractions of Naples not to be missed

Naples is a city that enchants its visitors with a wide range of unmissable attractions. From historical treasures to natural wonders, there is something for everyone. Exploring Naples means immersing yourself in its rich history, enjoying its delicious cuisine and admiring its breathtaking landscapes. Here is a list of the top 10 attractions you should not miss while visiting this fascinating Italian city.

Dome of Naples

The Dome of Naples, dedicated to San Gennaro, is a majestic cathedral that stands in the heart of the historic center of Naples. Built in the 13th century, the Dome features a Gothic and Baroque facade adorned with intricate statues and decorations. Inside, visitors can admire the Treasure of San Gennaro, a collection of relics and sacred works of art, including the famous skull of the saint. A visit to the Duomo offers not only a spiritual experience, but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the history and art of the city.

National Archaeological Museum of Naples

The ancient Palazzo degli Studi, home to the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, houses an extraordinary collection of archaeological finds from the ancient cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabiae. Among the most famous works of the museum are the Herculaneum Bronzes, statues and mosaics found in the archaeological sites of the region. A visit to the Archaeological Museum offers a unique perspective on the life and culture of the ancient civilizations that inhabited the area.

Il Maschio Angioino 

The Maschio Angioino, also known as Castel Nuovo, is one of the most iconic symbols of Naples. This imposing medieval castle, built in the thirteenth century, dominates the city promenade with its majestic towers and impressive walls. Inside the castle, visitors can explore the historic halls, including the Barons’ Hall and the Palatine Chapel, and admire the medieval frescoes and works of art that decorate the walls. A visit to the Maschio Angioino is a journey through time through the history and culture of Naples.

The Sansevero Chapel and the Veiled Christ

The Sansevero Chapel is a jewel of Baroque art located in the heart of the historic center of Naples. This small church, built in the seventeenth century, houses one of the most extraordinary and mysterious works in the world: the Veiled Christ. 

Sculpted in marble by Giuseppe Sanmartino in the 18th century, the Veiled Christ is a masterpiece of artistic mastery that continues to amaze and fascinate visitors with its extraordinary beauty and realism. In addition to the Veiled Christ, the Sansevero Chapel is rich in other works of art of great value, including statues, frescoes and sculptures, which offer a testimony of the art and spirituality of the Baroque period.

San Gregorio Armeno

San Gregorio Armeno is one of the most famous and fascinating streets of Naples, known for its craft workshops that produce cribs and figurines for the famous Neapolitan crib. Along this picturesque street, visitors can admire the skilled hands of craftsmen who create miniaturized artwork with amazing details. In addition to craft shops, San Gregorio Armeno is enriched by ancient churches and historic buildings that tell the history and culture of the city.

Piazza Plebiscito

Piazza Plebiscito is the main square of Naples and one of the most emblematic places of the city. Surrounded by important historical buildings, such as the Royal Palace and the Basilica of San Francesco di Paola, the square is a meeting place for Neapolitans and visitors. With its large pedestrian area and the majestic Corinthian columns that delimit the space, Piazza Plebiscito is the ideal place for a pleasant walk and to admire the monumental architecture that characterizes the historic center of Naples.

The Royal Palace of Naples

The Royal Palace of Naples is a splendid royal residence that testifies to the prestige and greatness of the Bourbon rulers who ruled the city over the centuries. Built in the seventeenth century, the palace is a superb example of Baroque architecture, with sumptuous rooms decorated with frescoes, precious furnishings and works of art of great value. Visiting the Royal Palace offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the history and culture of the Neapolitan monarchy, exploring the residences of the sovereigns and admiring their artistic riches.

Seafront and Castel dell’Ovo

The seafront of Naples is one of the most beautiful and scenic walks of the city, stretching along the Gulf of Naples with a breathtaking view of Vesuvius and the sea. 

Visitors can stroll along the sea, enjoy the sea breeze and admire the historic buildings overlooking the coast. One of the focal points of the promenade is the Castel dell’Ovo, an ancient castle located on a rocky island off the coast. With its millenary history and its evocative location, Castel dell’Ovo is an iconic symbol of Naples and a must-visit during your stay in the city.

Napoli Sotterranea

Napoli Sotterranea is a labyrinth of tunnels and underground tunnels that extend under the historic center of Naples. This underground complex has been used over the centuries for a variety of purposes, including as a refuge during invasions and as a storage for drinking water reserves. 

Today, Napoli sottorranea is open to visitors who wish to explore this fascinating world hidden beneath the surface of the city. Through guided tours, visitors can discover the history and architecture of the underground galleries and learn more about everyday life in ancient Naples.

The subway art stations 

The subway Art Stations  of metro are a series of Naples metro stations that host contemporary works of art by Italian and international artists. These stations (from Piazza Garibaldi to Piazza Vanvitelli – Toledo, Museum, University, Duomo) have been transformed into real underground museums, where passengers can admire paintings, sculptures and art installations while waiting for their train. Through the subway Art Stations , Naples has created a unique experience that combines public transport with culture and art, offering travelers an innovative way to explore the city and discover new forms of artistic expression.

Savour the Neapolitan cuisine

Naples is renowned not only for its rich history and fascinating attractions, but also for its delicious cuisine. The Neapolitan culinary tradition is characterized by genuine dishes, intense flavors and fresh and quality ingredients. Savoring Neapolitan cuisine means immersing yourself in a world of authentic and satisfying tastes, reflecting the passion and creativity of the local gastronomic culture.

One of the most famous dishes of Neapolitan cuisine is pizza margherita, a delicacy that has conquered the palate of millions of people around the world. Featuring a base of yeast dough, tomato, buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil, the pizza margherita embodies the perfect balance between simplicity and taste. In addition to pizza, Neapolitan cuisine offers a wide range of delicious dishes, including fresh tomato pasta, eggplant parmigiana, pasta and beans, and sfogliatelle, desserts rich in custard and scented orange peel.

But the true essence of Neapolitan cuisine lies in its ability to transform simple ingredients into extraordinary dishes, which express the authenticity and passion of the Neapolitan people. Every bite is a journey through the flavours and traditions of a city rich in history and culinary culture. Therefore, when you visit Naples, do not miss the opportunity to taste the typical dishes and discover the true taste of Neapolitan cuisine, which will conquer you with its simplicity and its timeless goodness.