The May of Monuments is one of the most anticipated cultural events of the year in Naples, and the 2024 edition promises to be even more spectacular.

This event, held every year in May, celebrates the rich history, art, and culture of the city through a series of events, guided tours, exhibitions, and artistic performances. Participating in the May of Monuments 2024 means immersing yourself in the authentic Neapolitan atmosphere, discovering the hidden treasures of the city, and experiencing unique moments.

What to expect from May of Monuments

The May of Monuments 2024 offers a wide range of activities and events that will make your stay in Naples truly special. Throughout the month of May, the city comes alive with a series of cultural events that engage both residents and tourists. You can expect to participate in exclusive guided tours that will take you to discover places usually inaccessible to the public, such as ancient private mansions, secret gardens, and historic palaces.

Additionally, the May of Monuments includes theatrical performances, classical and modern music concerts, and street artist performances that transform Naples’ squares and streets into an open-air stage. Each year, the festival’s program is enriched with new initiatives, making each edition unique and unmissable.

Naples’ museums and art galleries actively participate in the event by organizing temporary exhibitions and themed tours that delve into the city’s history and culture. Moreover, many events are free or at reduced prices, making culture accessible to everyone.

Participating in the May of Monuments also means immersing yourself in the daily life of Neapolitans, experiencing the city in an authentic way and discovering local traditions. There will be tastings of typical products, craft markets, and workshops that allow you to get up close and personal with the region’s


Itineraries and guided tours

The May of Monuments 2024 offers a series of itineraries and guided tours that allow you to explore Naples in a comprehensive and engaging way. The itineraries are designed to satisfy every type of interest, from historical and archaeological paths to artistic and cultural ones, offering a complete experience of the city.

Among the most popular routes is the itinerary that traverses the historic center of Naples, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This guided tour includes must-see stops such as the Naples Cathedral, with its Treasure of San Gennaro, and the famous Via dei Tribunali, where you can admire ancient buildings and historic churches like the Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore and the Church of San Domenico Maggiore.

Another fascinating itinerary is the one that leads to the discovery of the Catacombs of San Gennaro and San Gaudioso, offering a suggestive journey into the city’s underground. These sites are extraordinary testimonies of Naples’ Christian and medieval history, with frescoes and sculptures of great historical and artistic value.

The guided tours of the May of Monuments also include thematic routes dedicated to contemporary art, with stops at museums like the MADRE Museum and the Capodimonte Museum. Additionally, there are gastronomic tours that allow you to discover Neapolitan culinary traditions, tasting local specialties in the city’s markets and historic shops.

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